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Internet and  WiFi products for Ibiza

If your Wifi signal is too weak, your hardware is not good enough.…

As with all things, there are significant differences in quality of the so-called Wifi routers. Almost all standard products you can buy today, are produced cheaply and can't be expected to deliver high quality. This is especially true for those routers that are provided by Internet providers like Telefónica. Apart from that, routers and access points are rather complicated systems, that have to be programmed and fine-tuned carefully, if you want them to deliver maximum quality

The results of poor quality components can be, among others:

  • only very limited range of your Wifi
  • interruption or complete breakdown of signals
  • too slow speed
  • frequent changes between different Wifi systems
  • senseless Wifi names and ridiculous passwords

Who can really remember such network keys ?

Would you also like to have a network key and password you can remember easily, which you can pass on to friends and guests without a problem, instead of one consisting of huge amounts of incoherent numbers and letters? We can programme for you a password of your choice that can be changed any time you want.

WiFi password bad
WiFi password good

No network key at all? Everybody can hook up to your system...

If you do not have this problem, because your network is not protected and has no password, you should be aware that strangers can use your system to surf the Net or even get access to all your data! You should stop that quickly! Your guests will certainly appreciate that you protect your net to prevent unallowed access to their data

Which one is it?  Senseless Wifi names...

„Wifi_F8“ and other senseless names don't have to be!  With us you can choose the name of your Wifi yourself.

WiFi name bad WiFi name good
ONE coherent system instead of a different one in every room

With bigger installations with several points of access, we cover the whole house and also all outside areas with ONE  Wifi.

wlan-viele wlan-einheitlich
User administration and access control  for gastronomy-nets and hotels

With our manageable hotspots and the inclusive administration software, you can always have all activities of your network under control. You can always see, who is using your network in which way, and you are always capable to lock out certain users or limit their access speed.

Net-coverage and statistics of usage, can be checked and regulated within the plan of your building.

UFO coverage control software
UFO utilization stats
UFO connected users stats

Ugly components and lots of tangled wires do not have to be

Our professional routers and access points do not only look good, but also have enormous features of performance as far as wireless network range and range of functions are concerned.
Only with the right technology you can achieve professional results and build up a strong and fast Wifi net that works perfectly.
Today, when everybody expects a fast Internet access, wherever in the world he might be, you should switch to our professional technology that allows you to work safely and comfortably, and also gives you a competitive advantage when hiring out your property.


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