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UFO- unobtrusive but extremely powerful access point

Although our UFO access point has no visible antennas, it is a very powerful access point with a very wide range.The UFO is installed flat aginst the wall or ceiling and therefore looks much more like a smoke detector. UFO is THE product for those who want to integrate modern technology into their living environment!
The lighted ring can change colours, or can be switched off completely.

UFO professional accesspoint overview

Random scalability, just as you wish, and complex administration software included

The UFO access point has an extremely wide range. With the administration software, any number of UFOs and their users can be connected and controlled. UFO is THE perfect Wifi Internet device for hotels and restaurants.

UFO with up to 300Mbps speed
UFO Software

Paid Internet for Hotels is already integrated

If you want to offer paid Internet in your hotel, you need this system, as the complete accounting system is included in the software. Using paypal and other clearing systems.
It could hardly be easier to generate extra income.


UFO overview
UFO software coverage plan

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