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Our Ibiza Internet Wifi Router does not only LOOK good...

....but it is also packed with many high-performance professional functions that we programme in such a way that you get the most benefit from it.
The range is up to 100m with the 150MBps speed. Extra indoor and outdoor access-points can be connected, to create a far reaching and fast Wifi network on your estate on Ibiza.

power Internet router for Ibiza

High transmission power and extensibility for the fastest Wifi on Ibiza

Scalable transmission power and extra extension connectors on the back of the device, enable us to programme the Power-Internet-Router for any demand.

Rear view power Interent router

Faster Internet and Wifi on Ibiza with a perfect radio channel

With an inbuilt spectral analysis, the best radio channel for your Wifi can always be chosen, as possible collisions with other channels (Wifi) can quickly be recognized and prevented. Our Power-Internet-Router even has many more professional functions that guarantee a fast and safe Internet connection.

Bulit-in software

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