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Our Internet Wifi Access Point is like sent from a different galaxy...

....and not only because of its „Space-Look!“
Even the Wifi transmission performance is like from outer space, which results in maximum strength and range. More is just not possible! Additional in- and outdoor access points can be connected, to build up a far reaching and fast Wifi network on your estate on Ibiza!

Internet accesspoint for Ibiza
Ultra strong WiFi signal

Maximum transmission power and safety for the fastest Wifi on Ibiza

Ultra-high transmission power and latest „hacking-proof“ encryption of your data, provide the presently highest possible level of safety and range.

Rear view of our power Internet router

Fastest Internet and Wifi on Ibiza with the strongest radio signal

With the inbuilt scanner for radio channels, possible collisions with other Wifi networks  can be recognized and prevented, as the best channel for your Wifi can always be chosen. Our Power-Internet-Accesspoint also contains many more professional functions that you won't find with other devices.

Software screen shot

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Ver. 1.5.0 - 15.01.2012