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Latest Wifi devices for transmission and reception of the fastest Ibiza-Internet

With our state-of-the-art technology, highspeed Wifi connections of up to real 150 Mbs transmission speed, can be built up for any purpose in any surroundings you can think of.
All that over distances of up to 50 km.

Outro Internet / WiFi accesspoints for Ibiza

Super-fast Wifi on Ibiza through maximum transmission and reception performance

Ultrahigh transmission power and latest „unhackable“ encryption of your data, provide the at the moment highest technical safety and range.

High-Tech for professional results

For every operation we have the especially designed hardware

All our outdoor access points and antennas have special functions and characteristics for your specific use. It goes without saying that all our devices are weatherproof and will easily stand up to the extreme climate on Ibiza, without any negative consequences for safety and speed.

Outdoor WiFi long-range sector antennas
Outdoor long-range access points

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