Internet and WiFi Solutions for Ibiza
fast and securely connected with the latest technology...

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We have the optimal hardware for any kind of Internet access on Ibiza

3G Internet router for Ibiza

UMTS/3G router with big scope of performance and many professional features...

Power Internet router Ibiza
Internet router Ibiza
Power Internet router

Our special Wifi router with great scope of performance and high-end features
Optionally in black or white available and can be wall mounted quite descreetly

Internet Accesspoint Ibiza

Our black Power-Access-Point is one of the strongest on the market...

Internet WiFi aerial Ibiza
Ibiza grid antenna
UFO accesspoint

Outdoor-Accesspoints for highspeed transmission over big distances

Special antenna for best reception even under worst conditions

UFO accesspoint-05
UFO accesspoint-02

UFO: Powerful designer accesspoint  with extensive functions for administration and integrated paying-system for hotels.

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