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High-performance UMTS/3G Internet Wifi router for Ibiza

Our 3G router is dimensioned for interruption free performance and offers powerful professional functions for fastest Internet connections via the quite well built-out 3G Net on Ibiza. Furthermore the router is the basis of a far reaching, fast Wifi network in your home on Ibiza.
The internal software (= firmware) was programmed by us to stop the annoying forced logout of the 3G providers.
On both Ibiza and Formentera you can get very fast, constant and reliable Internet connections with this device.
There are no disadvantages, only advantages compared with an ADSL connection, like the very high upload speed.

3g internet router
UMTS sim card internet router
high speed internet via UMTS / 3G

Professional functions and extensibility enable big Wifi nets on Ibiza

Scalable transmission power and extra ports on the back, make it possible for us to programme our router for any demand and use it as a base for a far reaching, powerful Wifi for many users.

High superiority compared with ADSL

Upload with our router is up to ten times faster than what you get with an ADSL connection from Telefónica. This is especially important for applications where huge data-packs have to be uploaded to the Internet with high speed.

Like for example when accessing remotely to video surveillance.

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