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  • Internet via Satellite

    Fast Internet from outer space, received on Ibiza with NTi

    The possibility to surf the Net with a signal, sent from a satellite in orbit around the Earth, is certainly the most modern and technically most advanced way of getting Internet access. But unfortunately even our NTi stellite technology can not be used everywhere without limitations, so that, again, we would have to check the conditions right at your home.The advantage is quite clearly the total independency from local telephone companies and from a local infrastructure that is prone to interference.
    With speeds of currently up to 20 MBit/s download and up 6.0MBit/s upload, NTi satellite  Internet right now is the fastest and most reliable Internet service available on Ibiza.

    Internet data communication via NTi Sattelite Internet now possible in both directions on Ibiza

    Until recently Internet reception via satellite was only possible one way. Only for the reception = download of data. For the upload of data to the Internet you needed another technology, like a telephone connection, because it was not possible to upload data directly to the satellite. So download was pretty fast, whereas any upload could take ages.
    The now available technology works bi-directional. This means that the satellite dish on your roof can not only receive data, but also send data directly to the satellite in orbit.
    So this technology can now be used by those who want to or have to upload big data packs, like email attachments, upload data to a website, or put pictures and videos online etc.

    SkyDSL contract and technology:

    Provider: NTi  - we are the installer and the provider  at the same time
    Contracts: from 44,90€  monthly
    Speed: actually (January/2014) up to 20MBit/s download and 6.0MBit/s upload

    Our technology you need for that:

    Special satellite dish roof or wall mounted, connected inside by cable. Inside the house a special modem is installed which is connected in line with the router, which creates a WIFI net that you can   use with many computers without any leads. An existing TV satellite dish can NOT be used for our Satellite Internet.

    Please note:

    Our Satellite-Internet is NOT suitable to be installed by yourself.
    In this case you don’t need to deal with anybody else than us as we will sell, install and service your
    Satellite Internet.


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  • Special Solutions up to 42MB/s
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